Powburn Show to Go Ahead in 2022

Powburn Show 2022

Further to our recent statement that the future of the Powburn Show was under threat, we’re pleased to now announce that several people have come forward to take on new roles in the Powburn Show Committee. As a result…

The Powburn Show 2022 will go ahead!

Saturday 6 August 2022

This is great news! The pandemic has prevented most county shows taking place for the past two years. So, this is a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm our sense of community, our sense of belonging to north Northumberland and our sense of family values. In sum, we can both refresh and add to our local heritage.


Many thanks to those who have agreed to help. Your willingness and enthusiasm is very much appreciated.

Would you like to get involved?

If you would like to help the Powburn Show 2022 in any way (you don’t have to join the Committee), then please get in touch. We’re always pleased to speak to anyone who might be able to help on the day of the Show, for example.


Victoria Bell

c/o Powburn Show, Brandon White House, NE66 4JE

Tel: 07779 130 012

Email: vicksbell@gmail.com


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