Powburn Show 2021 Cancelled

After much discussion and actively seeking possible solutions, it is with regret that the Powburn Show Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 Powburn Show.

There are several reasons for this, but they are all, of course, driven by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While the UK Government is making progress in rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine, it is not yet possible to determine what sort of ‘normality’ we will have by August of this year (the scheduled time for the Show). Even if we can have large crowds of people together for events in the summer, the safety management of visitors, volunteers and Committee members would be difficult to licence and the cost of appropriate insurance would be prohibitive. In addition, during this current third national lockdown, high numbers of workers remain furloughed and all non-essential businesses are closed. The Committee feel that approaching companies and local businesses for sponsorship money during these financially uncertain times would be inappropriate.

We have little doubt that you will be as disappointed as we are that the Powburn Show must be cancelled for an unprecedented two years in a row. However, we are equally sure that you will also fully understand our reasons for doing so. The Committee remain committed to re-presenting the Powburn Show as soon as national circumstances allow.

The Powburn Show Committee would like to express its heart-felt condolences to anyone who has lost loved ones to Covid-19. Our thoughts are with you.

We hope also that you will stay safe until we can meet again to enjoy the next Powburn Show together.

Bev Wood (Chair, Powburn Show Committee)