Powburn Show Rules

  1. Every person entering the Show Field must pay an entry fee at the gate.
  2. Entry to all classes is free.
  3. Every person exhibiting any item for competition must sign a declaration that the item is genuinely of their own making. In the case of Garden Produce and Vegetable items, the exhibitor declares that the items are their own growing and have been in their possession for at least two months prior to the day of the Show: the exhibitor’s garden must also be open for inspection by the Powburn Show Committee.
  4. Any exhibitor who is found to have not complied with Rule 3 will forfeit any prizes that may have been awarded to them.
  5. Any person objecting to any exhibit as not conforming to the Rules must state their objection in writing to the Secretary before 3:00pm on the day of the Show, along with the appropriate fee, which will be returned if the objection is upheld.
  6. Competent judges will be appointed by the Powburn Show Committee and, in every case, the relevant judge’s decision will be final.
  7. Prize money will be paid out on the day of the Show whenever possible.
  8. Sellers participating in the Car Boot Sale must pay an entry fee for each car or van and for each trailer used. The fee includes one occupant per vehicle.
  9. All exhibits must be staged by 10:30am and these must remain in place until the Powburn Show Committee allows them to be removed at 4:30pm on production of a lifting ticket (provided when exhibits are registered). All exhibits will receive reasonable care and attention, but the Powburn Show Committee will not be liable for loss or damage.

List of Fees

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